Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

I'm so pleased to announce that my editor has accepted my proposal for a new 3-book series! I'm joining the big leagues now, as this is the first time I'll be writing to a deadline versus submitting a finished book. They were deadlines that I gave myself, and I added wiggle room, so there should be no problem getting them finished. :D

Book One: Anna and the Three Generals is coming out May 23!!!

Now let me introduce you to the world of the Profortuna series!

By 2400, Earth's population had flatlined, and by 2500, the population began a rapid descent. One hundred years later, it was obvious to scientists that life on Earth would no longer be sustainable in another two hundred years, due to the massive destruction of natural resources and pollution. A global space race ensued to design an escape plan, while other researchers worked on methods to maintain life on Earth in bio-domes.

Astronomists determined the best planet for a new colony of bio-domes was twenty light years away. A stunning breakthrough in space travel made the distance passable in thirty Earth years. The ships were designed as traveling cities with the ability to sustain life over a generation. The initial goal was to provide passage for one million people, only .01% of the world's population. One hundred ships were to be built in space every year for three years, but the goal was unattainable. Only twenty-six ships were completed the first year, nineteen the next year and twelve in the final year as resources grew scarcer and manufacturing couldn't keep up with the demand for building supplies. Only fifty-seven ships were created, just a fifth of the desired goal. Only 100,000 people escaped Earth.

The richest could afford passage in the pioneer ships, whereas the brightest in all academic disciplines from around the world were given free passage regardless of their age. In order to maintain a diverse genetic pool, a worldwide lottery was set up for everyone between the age of eighteen and forty. The selected candidates were able to bring their spouse and children. Singles could choose up to three other family members under the age of forty.

The rest of the population was left behind to survive in the bio-domes.

Twelve generations have now lived on Profortuna where the ratio of male to female births is growing alarmingly as the overall fertility rate is falling severely. The first six generations on Profortuna continued the Earth standard of one male to one female mate, but then the Council made a decision, in an attempt to increase fertility, to assign two males to every female. Within the past three generations, the number has risen to three male mates to every one female, yet fertility rates have not increased.

Tomorrow, I will introduce you to Anna, the first heroine in the series!

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