Monday, April 18, 2011

Lucky Seven on Monday

Here's a look at seven lines in my current WIP.

She reached up to Theo’s waistband, but the sight of his sculpted abs covered in dark hair distracted her. She stretched up on her knees and nuzzled the springy hair on his stomach, swiping a taste of his skin with her tongue. His muscles jerked slightly under her touch. She licked again, and again his muscles clenched. The discovery of her sexual power was heady. She licked again and moaned with pleasure when he responded with another twitch.

“Violet, stop playing with him and take off his pants,” Alec snapped at her.

Friday, April 15, 2011

You Are Here

Today on Hitting the Hot Spot, find out what technological 'advancement' has me wishing people would just get lost.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Lucky Seven on Monday

Here is a brief look (seven sentences) of my current WIP.

Her stomach fluttered. Did she have the nerve to kiss these two men in public when it would be so obvious that she was hot for both of them?

“Kiss me, Violet,” Theo said.

At his commanding tone, all her hesitation fled. She reached up to palm his cheek in her hand as his head bent to hers. His lips were warm and firm and tugged at hers.

Under the table, Alec’s hand stroked her leg, sliding higher and higher up her thigh.

Between A and Z

My short story, Between A and Z, which was previously released in the Threefold Anthology is now available as a single title.

Mia dubbed her life-sized clay sculpture, Adam, because he is the first man she's ever made. Most of her work has been female torsos, but recently her muse insisted it was time for her to produce a man. Though, she might have been confusing her surging libido with her artistic muse.

Mia has been abstinent for nearly a year, but not because of any plan. Her best friend, Shirle, has organized a party for Mia to put an end to her long dry spell and give her vibrator a night off. Before she even gets out of Shirle's car, Mia meets Zed.

Zed has come to the party to win a challenge. The waiters at the restaurant where he is the head chef and owner don't think a black French chef can country line dance. Once he meets Mia, his purpose for the night changes. He plans to spend the evening with this incredibly sexy woman whose sense of humour is developed enough to subject herself to the intense teasing from her friends about her lacking sex life. But he must decide whether he still wants Mia when he discovers Adam plays an important role in her life.