Tuesday, February 14, 2012

eReader Giveaway!!!

In celebration of their new enhanced website,
Total-e-Bound Publishing is giving one eReader away per day this week!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Four Aces by Suzanne Graham

Welcome to the Big Blisse Kiss!

Lots of opportunities to win prizes from all the participating authors. Today, you could win a copy of my cruise ship menage, Aboard Pleasure. To enter, just leave a comment about your favorite vacation on this post with your email address.

Be sure to visit Blisse Kiss headquarters for more Super Snog Sunday fun!

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy my contribution to Super Snog Sunday with an excerpt from Four Aces.

Trace came out of the kitchen and handed an open beer bottle to Jason. “I haven’t seen you twisted up like this since the witch left.”

Jason set the bottle on the coffee table without taking a sip. He didn’t want beer on his breath when he kissed Stacy. “We’ve got a lot of practicing to do to get ready for tomorrow night.” He refused to acknowledge the real reason for his insecurity out loud.Trace’s brow rose with a doubtful look, and Jason knew he hadn’t fooled him. Trace was too good at reading people. He knew this was a big step for Jason. He was finally letting himself feel again.

The front door opened and prevented Jason from having to answer Trace’s unspoken challenge. Pace escorted Stacy inside while Jason waited for his opportunity to properly greet her.

She looked up at him shyly. “Hi, Jason. I’m sorry I kept you waiting.” She spoke softly as she took another step toward him.

Her hesitant readiness made something click into place in his head. He stepped towards her, and his old instincts reawakened. He was going to make her his. Encircling her with his arms, he drew her to his chest. Her body was soft and warm under his hands. He lowered his head and caught a whiff of her floral shampoo. He couldn’t wait to taste her again, but he wanted her to want it as badly as him.

He started with a gentle brush of their lips. Then he pressed his mouth against hers a little more firmly. When her lips parted, he drew back and licked lightly at the corners. She tilted her head to catch his mouth, but he stayed in control of the kiss by sucking softly on her lower lip.

Her breaths came faster as she pushed her belly against his growing erection. The slight friction sent his blood shooting south, and he hardened fully. He slid one hand up her side and thumbed her nipple through her T-shirt. She leaned into him as if her knees were no longer capable of keeping her upright. He tightened his hold on her and plunged his tongue deeply into her warm, sweet opening.

He captured her husky moan with his mouth and continued to explore her velvety heat with his tongue. God, he wanted more of her. He wanted all of her, but it was time to back down. It was too early to take this as far as he wanted to go.

He eased his way out of the kiss, leaving little nips and sucks on her lips until he lifted his head completely free. Her eyes were still closed, and her mouth was still open. It was nearly too great a temptation, but Jason steeled himself to back away once he was sure she was steady on her feet.

Her eyes slowly opened, and she blinked up at him. He grinned down at her. “Hello, Stacy. I’m glad you finally made it over here.”

“Me too. I mean we’ve got practicing to do still, right?” She glanced around at Pace and Trace who were standing very near, watching closely.

Trace cleared his throat, drawing Stacy’s attention.

“Oh, Trace. Hello,” she said before looking up again at Jason as he still held her in his arms. “I think I owe him a hello kiss too...if you don’t mind.”

He was surprised to find he didn’t mind. In fact, now that he’d had his taste, he was looking forward to observing her with Trace. “You’re free to kiss any one of us, but we’d like you to keep it between the four of us.”

“Oh! I’d never tell anyone about what we’re doing.”

He shook his head. “That’s not what I meant. I don’t care who you tell.”

“We don’t want you kissing any other men,” Pace explained. “No one other than us.”

A nervous giggle slipped past her lips. “That really won’t be a problem. I could never manage more than what I already have here.” She waved a hand to include all three men.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Building the Writing Muscle

Hop on over to the Grand Rapids Region Writers Group blog where I'm talking about getting in shape...of the writing kind.

Monday, February 6, 2012


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