Friday, March 2, 2012

Introducing Anna!

Yesterday, I introduced the history of Profortuna, the distant planet of my new upcoming trilogy. Today, I want to introduce you to the first heroine, Anna, and the Open Air Society.

After twelve generations on Profortuna, resources are devoted to finding answers to why the fertility rates are falling and how to sustain their lives in the bio-domes. The Open Air Society for centuries has searched for the best chance of finding a more Earthlike planet, somewhere humans could live in the open air without the need of bio-domes. They are fed up with the survivalist instinct to make do with what they currently have. They want more resources spent on space exploration. A small group of extremists have begun targeting scientists. Their rationale is if the scientists aren't able to keep the research going on the status quo, then the resources can be freed up to support space exploration.

Anna is an elite bio-research who had been able to delay her mandatory mating until her twenty-fifth year (seven years past her full maturity) so that she could devote all her energy to her science. When the Council finally selects her mates, she is shocked to find they are three high-ranking military men. The Council has a history of matching the intellectual elite with others of their class to perpetuate their intellectual genes. Anna had hoped she might be matched with someone she'd have a chance to bond with emotionally. The scientist in her wondered if the planet's low fertility rates might turn around if love was brought back into the equation. Perhaps the hormonal changes triggered by the emotion contributed to better fertility.

As Anna is meeting her three mates for the first time, terrorists from the Open Air Society target her lab. The three Generals act quickly to protect her, shuttling her away from her home Quadrant to the other side of the planet where one of the Generals has his military base. Anna's life has just spun completely out of her control.

Anna and the Three Generals will be released on May 23!!!

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