Sunday, June 5, 2011

Got Conflict?

Urgh, I'm stuck and I'm tired of being stuck. I've got this great mix of characters hot to trot, but they can't seem to do anything. They're all standing around looking at each other, thinking it'd be fun to jump in bed together, but no one's making a move. No one's doing anything. There's no passion, no intrigue, no steam, nothing!

I know what's missing. It's called CONFLICT! The problem is I've created four very nice, well-balanced, calm characters. BORING!

Time to go back to the drawing board and give them some neurosis, internal strife, self-esteem issues, driving ambition... Then I can thwart them at every turn and make their lives a living hell before I give them their HEA.

It's hard. I'm too much of a nice gal. I hate to make them suffer, but they're really boring when they have no conflict.

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