Thursday, June 30, 2011

Best Pickup Lines for Women

I was just reading Cosmo online to find some inspiration for my latest WIP, and I came across this great article for women. These are so much fun. Almost makes me wish I was still single.

The 9 Best Things to Say to a Guy You Just Met

1. At a sports bar: "What's the most impressive goal you've ever scored in a game?"

2. At a club: "I dare you to show me your moonwalk."

3. At a restaurant bar: "They have the best nachos here. Ever tried 'em?"

4. At a friend's party: "I wanted to talk to you the second I got here, but no one introduced me. So I'm introducing myself."

5. At the laundromat: "I'm bored. What do you normally do when your underwear is drying?"

6. At the park: "Any ideas on how to turn this blanket into a Twister board? I really want to play."

7. At a baseball game: "I bet you a post-game drink that (insert player's name) will hit a home run this inning."

8. At the gym: "You look like you know your way around this place. Where's that machine that works your glutes?"

9. On the beach: "I bet you're wondering how I avoid tan lines."

I've gotta say my favorite is #5. Which is your favorite?

To read why these are such great lines, check out the full article here.

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