Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Blank Blog Page

I'm a terrible blogger, I know. I never seem to have anything witty, edgy, controversial, or even anything helpful to say on these posts. It's like standing up on a soapbox with no issue.

I'm much better creating characters and having them express their issues and concerns. Maybe because it's safer to get inside the skin of someone else when exposing my innermost desires and fears.

But as a published author, I know I have a responsibility to my readers to write something here on my blog. Someone at some point in time might want to read what I have to say about something. Right?...God, I sound boring even to myself.

Maybe that is the problem. All the really great exciting things in my life happen between the pages of my books. Must be time to get out of my writing cave and experience more of life. Things are looking a little boring around here. But it's cold and snowy outside...much better to burrow under my wool blankie and drink another cup of coffee as my laptop keeps my legs warm. Maybe I won't come out until the spring.

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