Friday, July 19, 2013

Lost... mojo, my muse, my creativity, my zest for storytelling, my power to see scenes in my head...lost my ability to write.

It's been a dark several months when I thought there would be no light at the end of the tunnel. It was painful to watch my peers writing and publishing stories as I sat silently in the blackness, hoping for a glimmer of light, praying that tomorrow would be better, losing faith I'd ever be able to compose a story again.

Finally, I catch flashes of light. Twice this month, I have put fingers on the keyboard as a scene grew in my mind. I am so grateful. Yet, it is still so painful to have it come back to me so slowly. I can never make up the time I lost, and if I push too hard, I fear it will desert me again. I must gently place one foot in front of the other as I heal from the pain of the past year that put me in this place I find myself now.

Patience...never my strength.
I hope you, my readers, will have some for this author who wants so badly to write new stories for you.

Patience for myself, to take the time I need to mend my mental pathways.
Perhaps, this is the lesson I was meant to learn as I find myself again.

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