Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review for Aboard Pleasure

Title: Aboard Pleasure 
Author: Suzanne Graham 
Publisher: Total E Bound 
Reviewer: Barbara McCormick 
from Just Erotic Romance Reviews
Rating: Silver Star
Heat Level: O

Violet, a contract lawyer, practically had to be pushed aboard the luxury cruise ship, Pleasure. Luckily for her, her two best friends were not to be dissuaded from dragging her out for a vacation. Once aboard the ship, she accidentally encounters Alec and Theo, a pair of Greek cousins. At her friends’ prompting, Violet takes a chance and accepts their invitation for a drink. As she sheds more and more of her inhibitions, she, Alec, and Theo have an incredible night of pleasure. Thinking this can only be a shipboard fling, Violet sneaks away after the men fall asleep. Alec and Theo, though, aren’t going to let her go so easily.

Aboard Pleasure turned out to be an unexpected pleasure. I didn’t really think a ménage story could be romantic, particularly in such a short format. I was mistaken on both counts! The main characters are beautifully drawn and developed. Violet is so easy to identify with, any overworked woman who longs for a fantasy vacation will recognize her right away. Alec and Theo are like Greek boys-next-door and gentleman to boot. Ms. Graham deftly uses conversation among the characters to flesh out their backgrounds, making them three-dimensional without wasting words. Violet’s two friends are well-drawn without intruding on Violet’s story. Alec and Theo gently but firmly entice Violet into their arms with so much foreplay, I almost died of the heat before making it to the main event. And such a night the three of them had! Their ménage a trois is lovingly described, deepening the romance between them. After the remarkable sex, the final scene had me sniffling, as they worked their way to a happy ending. The pacing of this story is magnificent, keeping the reader enthralled from the first page to the last. With engaging characters, a lovely romantic story and amazing sex, Aboard Pleasure really deserves the Silver Star Award. Bon voyage!

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