Friday, December 10, 2010

3 Signatures for the Lady ACCEPTED!

Whoohoo, I'm on a roll. I just had my second story accepted by Resplendence Publishing.

Moon Princess will be released in March and 3 Signatures will be released in April. What a nice way to start the spring!

Here's a little taste of Celina, Stan and Bear from Moon Princess:

Celina followed Stan up the front stone steps with Bear walking behind her. She was already living out part of her sexual fantasy, sandwiched between the two men. Now if she could get all their clothes off and get them to stand much closer to her…

God, where was her head? She’d never been so quick to consider jumping into bed with a guy before—let alone two of them—and she didn’t even know Stan yet. How could she be thinking about turning this into a sexual encounter?

Yeah, that one was easy to answer as she stared at Stan’s perfectly formed ass as she followed him up the steps to the house.

“Ouch!” She fell forward as her toe caught the top edge of the last step.

Bear grabbed her around the waist from behind and Stan spun around to catch her from the front before she splattered face first on the walkway.

And that was how she managed to succeed in creating the Celina sandwich with two, incredibly sexy men…but they still had all their clothes on.


  1. Hey Suzanne,

    Just dropped by to see what was happening in your busy world and, by chance, I've caught your good news!!

    Congratulations and all strength to you!


  2. Thanks for dropping by Annabeth! You must be getting so excited about your upcoming release!

    Wishing you many sales.