Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Night, Date Night

Woohoo! The Nana is taking the kids overnight tonight! First we are all going to the beach for the day. Then we will drop the dirty, sandy, slimy children at Nana's house, and the hubby and I can come home kidless! Does it get any better than that?

What will we do with all our free time? Knowing the nerds that we are, we will probably each cuddle up to our computers and work for a few hours. Then one of us will look at the other and say, "Hey, are you ready for some . . . Battlestar Galactica?" Then we'll bounce into the family room and sit plastered to our chairs for a marathon of BG episodes.

Yep, we're scifi fans, and a good friend has lent us the ENTIRE SERIES of BG. All the seasons on DVD! We never saw any of them when they were on TV. It's all new to us. I think we're into season three now with only one more season to watch. Boy, that will be a bummer when they're over.

It's incredible to watch an entire television series from beginning to end with no commercial interrupts and no long seven days in between each episode. Sometimes I get a little anxious during the day, and I wonder what's wrong. Then I realize that I am thinking about Starbuck and her romantic conflict with Sam, her husband, and Lee, her true love.

Ooooo, love those love triangles. Why can't they all just get along and love each other? That's what I would have them do if they were in one of my stories!

Do you have a favorite television series that you've watched in marathon sessions?

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